The herbal stamp massage

“Like many massage techniques, this new trend comes from Asia. Here, the skin comes into contact with warm cloths in which oils, spices and herbs have previously been wrapped. This experience is pure wellness, but is also already used in Asia for physiotherapy sessions.” the herbal stamp massage

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Thai massage – guide health compact

“Thai massage is very popular with both older and younger people. It is used to prevent possible diseases. However, it is mainly about physical and mental well-being.” Health compact guide: Thai massage

Hot Stone Massage

“In this special massage technique, through the use of heated stones, the heat penetrates to the deeper zones of the body, stimulating blood circulation. The result of the application is physical and mental balance, general well-being and activation of the body’s own energy sources”. Sü, Health Channel: Hot Stone Massage

What is a wellness massage?

“A massage is primarily for physical relaxation and, when used regularly, also has a positive effect on the mind and soul. In contrast to medically prescribed massage therapy, additional elements such as fragrant oils and colored light make up the wellness character.” Ratgeber Gesundheit Wellness massage