Wellness & Beauty: Asia-Relax Packages

Wellness & Beauty of Asia-Relax Zurich: we offer several Massage and Wellness-Packages that join a relaxing Wellness-Massage with Beauty Treatment / Body Care. Our body scrub uses exclusive natural products from Thailand.

Lampuun – Ayurveda Massage & Foot scrub

Wellness & Beauty: Asia Relax Foot Bath

Our foot bath ceremony cleans and scrubs your feet and removes the dry skin. The massage is a joy for your body and mind: the right thing to do if you feel stress or tension. After 60 minutes you will feel relaxed and free like after a short vacation in India.

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage (60 min.), Foot scrub (15 min.)

75 Minutes / CHF 148.-

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Anjan – Full body massage & body scrub

Wellness & Beauty: Asia-Relax Oil Massage

Your body relaxes and feels good with this combination of different Asian massage styles that include warm natural oil. Your skin will look nice, smooth and healthy from our natural salt scrub.

Ganzkörper-Massage (60 min.), Körper-Peeling (30 min.)

90 Minutes / CHF 178.-

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Dalah – Bali Massage, Foot Massage, Anti-Aging

Wellness & Beauty: Asia-Relax Bali Massage, Foot Massage, Anti-Aging

Let your body enjoy a relaxing massage in Bali style. The foot massage is a gift for your feet: a very well-earned holiday for the hard workers they are! The facial massage lifts your skin, prevents wrinkles and makes your face look young.

Balinesische Massage (75 min.), Anti Aging Gesichts-Massage (30 min.), Fuss-Massage (15 min.)

120 Minutes / CHF 228.-

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