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10 responses to “Guestbook”

  1. helimax says:

    dear asia relax team, thankyou very very much for the massage of my life. everything was just so wonderfull from the first step in your saloon , where a wonderfull smell of special oil sentence put me in a very relaxing mood. the massage could not have been better, you realy have magic hands. see you soon and thanks a lot. p.s. very professionel team. max

  2. Marketa Docekal says:

    The Best Thai Massage in Town!!! Even better then in Thailand.

    A beautiful, relaxed Ambiance with a wunderful Girl.

    Good Luck!!!!!! with love Marketa

  3. The Statlers says:

    My wife and I had a GREAT experience here. It truly was relaxing, and the staff treated us so well and they made us feel so special! Thank you so much…really enjoyed it!

  4. Sylvia Walter says:

    Twice thus far I had the pleasure to get a Chinese massage by On and each time I was resenting the end of my booked 60 minutes. It was splendid. Many thanx On and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in a fortnight!



  5. Vera says:

    A place where you can relax and get pampered in the hands of wonderful massage therapists!

    Definitely, will come back


    Kob khun ka