Asia-Relax Massage Zurich: Asian Massage & Wellness

Asia-Relax Massage Zurich offers a choice of first-class Asian Massage treatments from Thailand, India, Bali and China. In the first Boutique Massage Studio of Zurich your Massage Team will take care for the well-being of your body and mind. Please also observe our «Wellness & Beauty» offers that combine wellness massage with beauty treatment.

Health, relaxation and care: Asia-Relax welcomes you to a wellness experience from the land of the smiles!

Current Offers

Foot Massage Zurich


Foot-Massage or other Partbody-Massage. From CHF 118.-

Thai Herb Pouches Massage of Asia-Relax Zurich


Thai Herb Pouches Massage. CHF 158.-.

Facial Massage of Asia-Relax Zurich


Anti-Aging Facial Massage and Facial Mask. CHF 128.-

Wellness and Beauty in Asia-Relax Zurich

Wellness & Beauty

Massage treatment and beauty care: our packages.

More Offers

Thaimassage of Asia-Relax Zurich

Thai Massage – our traditional, authentic treatment

A popular holistic massage technique that uses strechting, pressure and special grips.

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage Zurich

Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage with Aroma Oil

Fluent movement and a warm Aroma Oil of your choice let you calm down, forget about the stress, relax.

Couples Massage Zurich of Asia-Relax

Couples Massage – a wellness experience for Two

All of our Asian Massages we also offer for two person – couples or friends. Please make a reservation in time.